What is allTEFL

I'm Luke Petschauer, and I created allTEFL to provide TEFL teachers a place to find salary information, school reviews, recruiter reviews, and job openings.

When I started teaching in China I was driven crazy by the lack of information about schools and about salaries. I want allTEFL to be a source of useful information that helps TEFL teachers find great jobs with great salaries.

School/Recruiter reviews and salary reports are submitted by teachers. Job postings are provided by schools. allTEFL.com does not add information to the site.

Your Privacy

Your reviews of schools and recruiters, and the salaries that you report, will never be directly linked to your public profile.

Your real name will appear on your Profile page. Your profile page can be completely private or shared with the public.
Your profile page will also list schools you have worked at (that is, schools you have reviewed). Again, this information can be kept completely private by keeping your profile private

When registering, you choose a username. This username will be displayed in public areas including comments and forum posts. The username will never be publicly linked with your real name.